Friday, July 3, 2009

Camp Neverland!

Once the school year begins, Owen will embark on a new chapter with preschool. One way to help ease him into it as well as give him a “special summer special” like Brother and Sister, I signed him up for a day camp called Camp Neverland at Ladybug Learning Center, where he’ll attend. Talk about a magical four day adventure, wowzers! Each preschooler was to come dressed as Peter Pan on the first day then they accessorized with hats. Throughout the week, they searched for treasures, made swords as if they were pirates and walked the plank. They made jeweled treasure boxes and even were surprised on the last day as they entered the classroom with evidence that Tinkerbell had been there overnight. After collecting the pixie dust the mischievous fairy left behind, an art masterpiece was made by each child. Owen had a spectacular time and wished Camp Neverland would have lasted another week or so with his well dressed buddies in green; Ethan, Colton, and Josh. Who says we need to grow up so fast? Not I!

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