Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tina...and our Lovefest!

Talk about a sweetie…my girlfriend Tina’s husband Carlyle wanted to treat his wife well for her birthday so he put a plan in action and made a call to me to be one of his ‘secret agents’. Carlyle arranged for Tina to be surprised with a weekend girls’ slumber party away locally, which included A Grand New Day/Woman of Faith conference on Friday and Saturday. What a guy! Much to Tina’s amazement, he called many of her close friends and even flew one out from Oregon, just so we could all have a “Tina lovefest.” And boy howdy, Tina is definitely one who you could dote on with love cause, well…she’s just that loveable (seriously). We had a wonderful time together, growing in the Lord during the conference as well as honoring our friend and sister in Christ, Tina Naylor.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sor-e (sorry)

UGH!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s becoming habit and oh so frustrating to me and today it happened again! I’m trying to keep my cool and be a good mom explaining the “why” behind my reasonable expectation to Nathan but I’m about to lose it.


Nathan has been coming home from school with his lunch completely untouched for awhile now. Zilch, zero, nil! It’s not like I don’t pack him food he doesn’t like. It’s not that I’m even stuffing his tummy to the brink of explosion at breakfast time. And it’s certainly not that he’s choosing recess over eating since ‘lunchtime’ happens in the classroom with his school program. How is he supposed to have energy and concentration to get through the day, the poor kid? No wonder he’s famished when he comes home and is ready to eat an elephant and a half at dinner!

Ugh…it’s driving me crazy.

I guess sweet Nathan knew his mommy was disappointed and took it to heart because this is what I got a little after the afternoon lunchbox discovery…
I just love inventive spelling. It’s one of the most precious things about this age! This one’s a keeper; it has such a story behind it to tell to his kids and his kids’ kids.

Ahh, I think I feel better!
Thank you Nathan!
I sure do love matter what!

(For those that need translation: Sorry for not eating my lunch.)