Thursday, July 28, 2011

First Day!

Well, we’re back at it…school that is! Boy howdy the summer days go way too fast if you ask me (but I do love our school calendar which gives us 2 weeks of vacation time in October, 3 for Christmas, and 2 for Spring Break).

There was much reluctance coming from my boys with the start of the school year and all the "newness" that comes with it (especially Nathan) yet total excitement from Baylee, knowing she was about to embark in some pretty cool “big” girl things…a new building on campus and being in the iPad class!

So here they are. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you the totally adorable and forever loved students...

My 1st grader!
(He picked out a "must have" Tom and Jerry shirt and Vans (shoes) like Nathan. He's most excited about being on the "big kid" playground with his brother and sister.)

...and our 3rd grader!

(Check out his first time sporting his "rolling backpack"...a privilege in our family once you become a 3rd grader.)

...and our confidently styled 5th grader!

Here they are all together, right before we left for school, with a thumbs up (not sure if they are trying to convince themselves that things will be okay, convince mommy, or if they are just good "posers" for the camera).

Here's our Owen with the amazing Mrs. Runyon (our 5th year with her in a row. Can you say blessed?)

Here’s Nathan with his sport’s fanatic teacher, Mrs. Mann. (She’s wearing the pretty hair flower Nathan gave her last week by mail and holding a gift from him today, a football vase with a potted plant.) I know he's going to love her! She's a doll.

And last but not least, Baylee and Mrs. Kavanagh (who she had for reading last year)! She'd dying to just "get inside" to pull out that iPad!

And it wouldn't be right to not show the kids without their friends. Let's face it, that's the best part of their school day!

Here's Owen and Colton...great buddies since strollers and classmates since preschool!
Nathan and Michael...they've never been apart. They've been classmates and fantastic friends for 4 years now!

Baylee and Sabrina (dearest friends since kindergarten and classmates for 5th and 6th grade!)