Saturday, July 25, 2009


Hau'oli lā hānau
(pronounced How-o-lee Laa Haa-now…Happy birthday)
to one of my favorite people in the whole wide world,
an incredible Wahine
(pronounced wah-HEE-nay…woman),
Laura, my friend and cousin!
To help her celebrate turning the big
we threw a luau much to her surprise.
She was surrounded by many of her lovely friends and family from near and far that adore her.
Thank you Lord for Laura and the heart you gave her.
What a beautiful person she is in my life and to the world.
She is well worth making a fuss over!

Isn't this the sweetest photo of Laura and her sweetheart Kasey?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

First Day of School

My third grader and first grader, Baylee and Nathan started school today {sigh}. I have to admit, there is NOT a solitary ounce in me that’s excited about it. I miss them. I miss their random hugs and kisses. I miss their voices, their noises, and their ‘presence’.

Ahhh, when is 4:00 going to be here for Owen, Zoe, Brinkley, and I to go get them?

Praise God that Baylee was so comfortable with heading into her class line because Nathan wasn’t once it came down to it. Quite a scene happened when the emotions he was holding inside couldn’t take it any longer and he grabbed onto me as it was time to walk into the class. He kept sobbing (loudly) saying, “I want to stay home one more day and snuggle with you more…” over and over again. All eyes were on us…and I mean ALL! Now tell me, how in the world is a mommy to walk away from her child’s heart and comments like that? Boy howdy…it was NOT an easy task and I absolutely hated (big word, I know) peeling sweet Nathan off of me. He’s in great hands at school with Kelly Runyon, I know. But ahhh, so sad, so so so very sad!

(Fast forward...The day’s hours seemed to be as slow as molasses pouring out of a bottle but finally 4:00 hit and Owen, Zoe, Brinkley, and I were finally able to see our two BIG KIDS. Baylee and Nathan jumped in the van with beet-red faces from the heat, big Kool-Aid grin smiles from a successful, fun day, and lots of stories to tell over the homemade cookies Owen and I had waiting especially for them.)

Like it or not, we’re back in the trenches of it all…school schedules, more drive time, earlier bedtimes, packing lunches, and yes…homework. Oh Lord, I better brace myself.

Summer 2009, we already miss you! Thanks for treating us so well. Here's to a wonderful school year, I just know it. God blessed us with our heart's desires.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cooking Up a Great School Year!

We’re just days away from a new school year starting so as tradition has it, we put together Baylee’s annual “Summer Just Because” party. On the guest list were girls from her class that Baylee either knows or wants to get to know better (Hannah, we missed you).

Baylee loves to cook so we figured a cooking party would be the perfect way to cook off a great school year for 2009-2010!

As the girls entered our restaurant, on the white board, I spelled out Mrs. Yeargain’s name, their “soon to be” teacher. Then the five gals collaborated, coming up with an acrostic on what kind of teacher/class/school year they will have.The chefs cooked up a yummy meal. They began with (non-alcoholic) Strawberry Daiquiris, then homemade salsa was next to follow that they named Senoritas Salsa. They jarred it and creatively put a label on it with the plans to give it to Mrs. Yeargain on the first day of school with a bag of chips.
Each girl chopped, sliced, stirred, and sautéed their little hands off to make tostadas and its yummy toppings. They had a blast making faces on the tostada shells, an edible canvas you might say. Then to top off the meal, they each made homemade ice cream and put them in their concoction of yummy edible cinnamon sugar dessert bowls. Ole!
(Chef "Salty" Savannah)
(Chef "Adorable" Abby)
(Chef "Baking" Baylee)
(Chef "Marinade" Maddie)
(Chef "Sauté" Sabrina)

Our three hours went fast but we were able to take a dip in the pool as well, splashing and laughing a whole lot.

Man alive do I enjoy listening to Baylee playing with her friends with glee shining through their excited voices of the school year to come. Entering 3rd grade and a brand new class doesn’t seem like such a mountain to climb anymore for Baylee, now that she has four other girls…I mean FRIENDS to do it with.

Cheers!!!! Here’s to a great school year!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Open House 2009

Today we got to unveil our kids’ secret identities as their teachers’ secret pals during open house/meet the teacher. Jon and I are ecstatic that Nathan has Kelly Runyon for the next two years (the teacher Baylee had for 1st and 2nd grade). Kelly is the most gentle, loving, understanding and wonderful first and second grade teacher ever! I love her to pieces as well as the families already in her classroom from last year.

Our sweet Baylee has my “dream come true teacher,” Robin Yeargain for third and fourth grade. Yippee! Robin’s creativity in teaching the writing process alone makes me eager for the school year to start and Baylee is so comfortable transitioning into her classroom since she spent an hour and a half with her each day last year during the reading block. I can’t wait for Baylee to grow under Robin’s brilliant wings! God granted us our heart’s desires for the 2009-2010 school year and looking around the classroom at the sea of people, He really handpicked some fantastic classmates as well. I can’t wait to get to know them all. This is going to be a great year of learning socially and educationally. To God be the glory in everything that happens in these two classes.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Star Wars Summer Fun

Today was Nathan’s and back by popular demand, a Star Wars theme from last year with Darth Vader (a.k.a. Daddy) as our guest. Teagan and Landon joined us from Nathan’s new class and his buddy Andrew who is in the same program, just next door in classes, played with them as well.
We set up things differently this year, where the boys, Jedi’s In Training, ran obstacles in the home shooting down the Droids that were all around! Their precision was impeccable (and boy, their moves were smooth)!

We made light sabers with pool noodles for the boys to “fight” with when eventually the Dark Side came out with music to introduce his arrival. Oh how the boys loved going against Darth Vader! They could have done it all day if it wasn’t for the 115 degree weather for poor Darth Vader who was of course, all in black!
Jedi Landon
Jedi Andrew
Jedi Teagan
Jedi Owen
Jedi Nathan
Jedi Baylee
This year the boys swam during the party as well and continued to use their light saber/pool noodles as they splashed about. We also dipped pretzels in colored chocolate melts, red and green, for yummy light saber treats as well as drank green Yoda Sodas and red Darth Maul floats.

Because of today, Nathan has two new buddies in Mrs. Runyon's class to play with on the first day of school as well as continue his bond with Andrew, a sweetheart. Today was just the beginning of friendships that will continue all year long, I just know it. And all the boys are eagerly anticipating the first day of school. {Goal accomplished!}