Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Just days ago I picked up Baylee’s backpack for her as we were ending her school day and arriving home. It felt like she was carrying a ton of bricks, so much so that I almost dropped it. Perplexed beyond measure I opened it up to take a peek. There was nothing unusual about it, just her daily norm of a folder, empty lunch box, and two text books. I managed to get it up stairs and flop it with a thud on the bathroom scale.

15.9 pounds
shouted out to our flabbergasted eyes!


Now it all made sense why she had been complaining about back aches for the last many weeks. My assumption was growing pains or even her worn out, very old mattress. Nope, it wasn’t either of those!
It was her school backpack.

So a few tutoring sessions later with a paycheck to follow, we headed out to find a rolling backpack. It may have cost a fortune but it saved her back and chiropractic care. Oh my poor girl! So now, our “look forward to” milestone has been established for the Kempiak Party of Five. Once you hit third grade, you get to pick out a rolling backpack! My first grader Nathan is now trying to calculate how many more months until he’s in third grade, my preschooler Owen is doing the same, all while their sister has satisfaction written all over her entire body!

(P.S. This new purchase had such an impact on Baylee, when asked by her teacher to write about an invention that changed her life, guess what she wrote about? A rolling backpack was first on her list! In fact, she’s planning on typing it and posting it on her blog as well. Check it out if you are a “member” of hers. It’s quite adorable, if I may say so myself.)

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