Monday, September 28, 2009

Our Bobcat

We have reason to celebrate once again in our household. Tonight Nathan earned his first special recognition in Boy Scouts, the Bobcat Badge, along with his entire den! It was quite the personal challenge! Nathan had to memorize the essentials to Scouting which included the Law of the Pack, Cub Scout motto, sign, promise, handshake, and salute. WOW!

As tradition has it, bobcat stripes are painted on each boy’s face by their parents during the ceremony. Nathan didn’t want anything to do with that ritual other than stand next to his brother Scouts as they did. (Go figure, no big surprise on our part). Nonetheless, stripes or not, Nathan conquered his first big feat in Cub Scouts and there’s something fishy in the air telling me he’ll have many more reasons to celebrate other huge feats along the Scouting path.

His Bobcat badge rests upside down at the moment onto his uniform until he has been noticed at home doing a good deed without looking for praise. I don’t think it’ll take too long until that Bobcat is turned right side up.

Nathan, I am so proud of you buddy!
Michael, Andrew, Nathan, and Brody
(Wouldn’t it be cuter if someone who we won’t name specifically had stripes on his face too?)

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