Saturday, September 19, 2009

One Happy Camper

Scouting for Nathan and Jon is going great; the only downfall is the lack of communication from up high. Because of that, a family camping trip was scheduled for the entire 524 Pack but gave families very little notice. At first, our RSVP had to be a “no” because Jon had committed to teaching an acting class. Nathan was disappointed, being our outdoors boy, but understood. However, our dear friends the Keller’s didn’t want Nathan to miss out so invited him to tagalong! Isn’t that amazing?! There are very few people in the world I’d allow Nathan to go with, and the Keller’s are one of them. They are like family! We asked Nathan if he’d feel comfortable going away without us and lacking any hesitation, not even an ounce, he spouted out, “YES!” So, all seven of them were “Heber bound,” into the woods for an adventure at Lewis Canyon Campground for two days and one night. Camping in a tent in total darkness and cold, even with a herd of elk making noises and bedding down in the meadow behind the campsite didn’t seem to concern Nathan. He loved it! While away, they retired old flags, took a two hour hike learning how to use a compass, cooked by campfire, and enjoyed each others company. When arriving home, he asked when the next camping voyage was on the calendar. My reply to him, “Good question!”
The van ride up North...Hot dog dinner...Where they slept...Some Scouting buddies...Den 13 and Den 11... The whole Pack...My all time, favorite camper!

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