Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Owen, the School Boy!

Attention, attention…let it be known that all 3 of my totally adorable, incredibly smart, highly precious and loved children are now in school! Today our Owen started preschool at Ladybug Learning Club and walked in with such confidence. Daddy met us so he too could witness this life changing day. Although I will miss Owen incredibly, God answered my prayers by giving us everything I had asked for:

-a preschool that met in the afternoons so all three kids could still be together in the mornings until 11.

- a school on the same modified year round program as Baylee and Nathan’s schedules are!

-a Christian based program that prayed with the kids multiple times a day and memorized scripture together.

- a teacher that’s highly educated in early childhood learning and boy howdy is she ever! Not only is Mrs. Merriam Owen’s teacher, she’s the director and founder of the school as well (and working on her Masters degree)! She just oozes love for young children!

-a school that is more concerned with healthy snacks for the kids instead of filling them up with a bunch of fishy crackers and such.

-a place where each kid works one on one with their teacher daily and rotate in centers to foster the whole child.

-a preschool that uses literature, literature, and more literature then asks the kids to respond to that literature in journals and other mediums!

-a preschool with fun themes to make learning exciting and their world open up!

- a place where the projects are child centered and look that way verses a finished product that looks like an adult put it together. Owen (and all kids) need free exploration with their crafty, creative minds!

-a school that will turn a child away if they are sick for the day. I love how they check them each day!

-and finally…a place where Owen’s buddies will join him. How totally cool that Colton and Ross are in his same class! (We wish Ethan could be too!) The three boys are going to totally charm their teacher Mrs. Merriam!

So, from 11:45 until 2:45, three days a week, my little big boy will be in class, learning, sharing, singing, reading, and having fun! I wonder when I get to start volunteering in there. Oh I can’t wait!